SE52420/2016 Skogsvettens Thekla

Skogsvettens Thekla, 308 gram född 00.12 (T) 14/10 2016. Thekla är ljust viltfärgad

Thekla har flyttat hem till pappa Freddie som är mäkta stolt över sin vackra dotter!! Husse Simon och matte Theresa är stolta och glada över hur bra de fungerar tillsammans. Freddie är en mycket bra pappa!!

Thekla has moved home to the father of the litter. He is very proud of his beautiful daughter. Owner Simon and Theresa are happy and proud of how well they connected. Freddie is a very good father!


Thekla is the litters firstborn. She will live with the litters father when she grows up. She is a very kind and gentle girl not much that disturbs her at all. She loves hugs and kisses and to play. She likes to sleep next to Rex so we are happy that she will go to her own father, she seems to need to have a male dog by her side.